As a creator in this world, my vision has always been to create art that inspires and empowers people activate their higher selves, and connect to the universe in a deeper way. 

One of those channels is through creating my one of a kind custom hats. Through the last few years, I’ve gone on my own deeper spiritual journey and connect with the universe on a whole other level. That connection has brought me even more magic into my life, and something that has inspired me through the creation of these art pieces.

Each hat I make is infused with creative intention and positive energy. Selenite is the highest vibrational stone, and I like to add a stick to every hat as my signature, as your antenna to the universe’s magic, it’s high vibe energy.

The world is the way we choose to see it, I choose magic. I choose creativity, and I want to share that with you through this art form. 


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