+How do I know what size I am?
Please refer to the Sizing & Fit page


+How do I care for my hat?
Please refer to the Crown Care page.


+What color of felts can I do for my Totem Crown?
The availability of felt colors are limited, and will depend on supplier stocks. Once we start the custom process, we can see if the color you would like is available. Sometimes, it may take a some time for a supplier to get a specific color in, so we will be subject to wait times.


+Can I send you something significant to me to put on my Totem Crown?
This is a discussion to have with Onken on a per case basis. If the item fits in aesthetically, then it is highly possible. We can’t make promises though. These are wearable art pieces, and artistic decisions will reside in the vision of Onken.


+How do I get people to stop talking to me about my Totem Crown?
We recommend embracing it. The truth is, when you wear your Totem Crown around town, you should be prepared to receive a lot of compliments, and strike up random conversations with strangers. You may end up feeling like a rockstar whereever you go, so be prepared. This will be a good practice in receivership for you.


+Can I levitate with my hat?
No promises here, but it’s been known to happen. Just kidding, we haven’t seen it yet ourselves, but you never know. These hats are magic, and with great magic, anything can happen.



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