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For all you mushroom 🍄🍄🍄 enthusiasts like me, that’s where the inspiration for this hat came from. I love mushrooms. Mushrooms of all kinds, especially the magic types. Mushrooms are healing both mentally, immunity wise, and so many more benefits from them. Mycelium is the root root so to speak and is alive. Want to learn more watch the doc Fantastic Fungi that just came out. ⁣

I wanted earth tones for this hat so I went with a Eucalyptus green color and torched it with fire to give it an earthy forest vibe. I found this amazing mushroom pin, and hand stitched a mycelium network coming from it. The crown wrap is a fabric scrap from Pendleton. A porcupine quill on the side. ⁣

Did you know porcupine teaches you to face your weaknesses and vulnerabilities head-on? ⁣

Magic mushrooms also help you heal from your past traumas. ⁣

Oh yeah, and of course a stick of Selenite for the highest vibrations and your antenna to the universe. High vibe frequencies.⁣

This hat is a size 60cm sized down to a 59cm with sweatband. 

Since Totem Crown Hats are bespoke made to order, we make them specifically to your size and will require your head measurement in the process. General hat sizing info can be viewed here.

This Custom Totem Crown has an Orgone Gold Plated meditation pyramid embedded into the crown of the hat.


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